About Uddami, by Shyamali Midhya, UPP computer teacher

Uddami is a free computer training center. It is a non-profit organization, where we learn computer. What we learn in Uddami, that is very helpful in our career life.

It is really very-very helpful to us. It is specially for them, those who don’t get any opportunity anywhere. It gives that lucky opportunity.

In Uddami teachers are very good and they explain very well and they teach very clearly. Their behavior is very friendly like an elder sister. So, I like them and respect them.

This center …has good thinking for the poor who doesn’t get any opportunity. …they inspire us to build our career and give us open path to success.

So, again I respect and thank them to give us so great opportunity.

Shyamali Midhya, teacher at our partner project, Divya Jeevan Foundation

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