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UCTC Cisco trainer finds error in Cisco test!

Customer (Carlos Mayans) 02/06/2010 08:27 AM
Question: What are two advantages of PLC?Answer: It can provide bandwidth in excess of the bandwidth that is provided by analog PSTN modems.

I really do not think this is true. BTW where do you explain what is PSTN in the curricula? I somehow cannot find this. Also not there in the Glossary, strange. How can the student know this one? Could you please check the results of the students in this question and see if there is a greater number of students who fail this question?

What are two advantages of PLC? It can provide bandwidth in excess of the band
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Response (Mio O.) 02/16/2010 10:41 AM
Dear Carlos,

I appreciate your patience while we researched this incident and apologize for the delay.

The Curriculum and Assessment Development Team has researched your inquiry and provided the following response:

“The ticket has been researched and classified as a valid error. The error will be corrected with the March release of ITE v4.1 course update. Please continue contributing to the improvement of the Cisco Networking Academy assessments by submitting your suggestions through the ‘Curriculum Quality’ and ‘Assessment Quality’ links. These comments are instrumental in improving the curriculum and assessments.”

Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you,

Mio O.

“Their disability disappears…”

by Carlos González Mayans, a Spanish university volunteer with UNV in Kolkata, India

It was about two months ago that I came to know about the NGO Uddami. For more than 10 years they have been providing computer education free of cost to poor youth from Kolkata.

Uddami student Raja Mohan Das (far left) peer-to-peer teaching with other deaf people. "This way of teaching seems to be the best," says Carlos Mayans. (UNV)

They were teaching the use of all the main business management software, like the Microsoft Office suite. They were looking for a partnership with the private sector to give their students some kind of certification after the completion of their courses, which might help them to get jobs. Becoming a Cisco Local Academy could help, I said. read more…

Cisco Training in Jaipur

In March Rabia Khatoon (UCTC Project Manager) and Punam Karna (UCTC Teacher) went to Jaipur for a Training Program for Instructors on IT Essentials:PC Hardware & Software at the Regional Academy in CEG, Jaipur.  This training was suggested by Carlos Gonzalez, a UN/Cisco volunteer working in Kolkata.

Rabia and Punam studying in Jaipur 

All three took the training course and are now certified Cisco instructors for the IT Essentials course. This means that Uddami Computer Training Centre is a Cisco Networking Academy and our students will have the opportunity to take this course and be certified by Cisco. 

They started the first IT Essentials course on 23rd March for a class of 13 including our Partner Project teachers, Project Manager for UPP and Testing Team manager of USS. 

For more photos of the Jaipur training please click here