My feelings about Uddami Computer Training Centre

I got information about Uddami from my father. Here is a place for the poor boys and girls to get a chance, where they can learn computer without investing a lot of money. Teachers are very helpful and careful. They always try to make us do better so we can make a better future. From there I can know that computers make our life interesting.

Now today I am working at Uddami Software Services but before I was a student at UCTC. But I think that without the teachers at Uddami I could not make my future. After training every student can make their future like me. Before coming here I could not find the answer to “What do I do?” or “What is my future?” But now I am satisfied about my future.

Dalia Paul
Dalia Paul, USS web team staff

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    I am working in an IT Firm; name Kaizen IT Services Pvt. Ltd., till 1 year 2 months as a field Engineer right now, is an Authorized Service Provider of IBM India Ltd. I have gathered a lot of experience either in working field or in personal field, whatever it is.
    But this is not my perfect job, which I like. I like the creative line, like Multimedia, Designing type work, which I learnt few from Uddami.
    However, for working purpose, I went many states and cities in India, and also saw and watched their culture, society, peoples, the nature of weather, their eating etc.
    Also, I gathered a lot of experience in Multinational Corporate in those states and cities in India.
    In those months and days, where I gathered some better experience, spent some bitter moments also.
    All these things were possible by our Uddami Organization. If I couldn’t come to learn the computer in Uddami School, then I couldn’t get the chance for sitting the interview to that company.
    Uddami taught me well and I also got the good marks in exam. So, I and also we, the students are so much thankful for Uddami, especially thanks to Bryan Uncle, Alison Aunty, Rabia Khatoon, Nivedita Pal, and Khokhon Das and Somnath.
    They guided us well. And so, I got chance to be a teacher in a Foreign NGO Organization School for 1 year for the 1st time from their side.
    Okay!!! Too much for today.
    I will share my personal experience in my next Blog…

    Thanks for being with me…


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