Uddami CTC

Uddami Computer Training Center

Rabia teaching computer skills at Uddami

Youth from low-income communities in Kolkata have few economic opportunities. To have an edge in the overcrowded mainstream job market they must develop skills that set them apart because the applicants they are competing with have better education, more resources and family connections.

Everyone knows that ICT has taken a firm hold in India. What most people don’t realize is that this technological revolution has affected only a very small percentage of the population.

  • Personal computers (per 100 people) in India – 3.3 [source: Trading Economics – 2013]
  • Around 13.5% of all schools across India now have computer penetration [source: TimesĀ  Of India 2008]
  • Internet users are 10% of the total population [source: World Bank 2011]

Mr. Abdul Kalam, President of India, told the BBC that nearly a quarter of the country’s population could be moved out of poverty if the government continued to back technology as the source of growth.

Uddami believes that youth from low-income communities should have an equal chance to participate in and benefit from this growth. Uddami Computer Training Centre provides free computer access and practical skill training to increase the capacity of our students so they can develop sustainable livelihoods in the ICT sector.