About Uddami India Foundation


Our Mission

empowering the disadvantaged for sustainable livelihoods


Our Story

Uddami India Foundation (UIF) is a non-profit educational organization located at Prince Anwar Shah Road in South Kolkata. Computer training started in 1999 with the very humble but noble vision of empowering the talents of the underprivileged youth of our society to have a sustainable livelihood and a better life.

UIF was formed in 2007 to allow the future of Uddami Computer Training Center (UCTC) be determined by its graduates cum trustees. UCTC, the focal point of UIF, provides free computer access and job-oriented practical skill training to youth and women from low-income communities.

UIF believes in investing in the education, empowerment and economic self sufficiency of young women and men in our society.



Nivedita Sanyal

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Nivedita Sanyal is the Settler and a Founder Trustee of Uddami India Foundation. She has her Master’s in English Literature and works as an Assistant Teacher at a high school.  She has overseen the Uddami Computer Training Centre since 2000 as a teacher and became the Assistant Director of UCTC in 2004, prior to becoming a Trustee. Her efforts have helped UCTC become a successful project which, in turn, has helped underprivileged youth to become economically self-sufficient.

Harshamanjari Nanda

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Harshamanjari (Harsha) Nanda is one of the Founder Trustees of Uddami India Foundation.  While she started her career as a computer teacher at Uddami Computer Training Centre, she has since pursued her Master’s degree in Social Work and has been working in social sector areas like child protection and women’s welfare and development since last 12 years.  In addition, she has been actively involved with the government for five years working on the issue of domestic violence towards women.

Tulsi Nath

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Tulsi Nath comes from a very humble background but had the determination to excel in life. She is a graduate of Calcutta University and has completed nurse’s training as well.  Subsequently she chose to learn computers and completed the certificate course in Computer Software from Brainware in 2007. She is currently working for a software company since 2011 as a Research Specialist. Tulsi is a Trustee of Uddami India Foundation.