Our Programmes


Uddami India Foundation supports Uddami Computer Training Center (UCTC). The training center provides:

Practical computer training
Computer teacher training
Life Skills course
Spoken English classes
Senior Citizen Computer Literacy classes

The core computer teaching staff is entirely comprised of women who have graduated from UCTC and come from similar backgrounds to the students. Life Skills and Spoken English courses are taught by staff sourced outside of UCTC who have the additional experience and the specific skills these courses require. Read more about the UCTC programmes below.


practical computer training


UCTC provides young women and men from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to develop employable IT skills.  Students learn Microsoft Office, email communication, internet search techniques, basic design and HTML for webpages.

computer teacher’s training


Graduates of UCTC who wish to develop their skills as a computer teacher can take a training course taught by current UCTC teachers. The course takes place in UCTC and gives valuable experience in an actual learning environment.

Life and soft skills course


The optional Life Skills class develops soft skills that help students both in the workplace and in their everyday lives. These skills include communicating clearly, asserting themselves, solving problems, making informed decisions and setting goals.

spoken english classes


The Spoken English class is an optional addition to the UCTC computer training course. This aims to significantly improve the spoken English skills of our students, simultaneously as they learn IT skills.


Our Newest Program!

Senior Citizens Computer Literacy


For Senior Citizens who lack familiarity with computers, life in the 21st century can be a bit challenging. Digital India has made technology prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives: for banking, work, school, keeping in touch, task management and even online shopping. Keeping this in mind, our course was initiated to help such senior citizens, achieve the tech-fluency they need to feel more comfortable using computers and smartphones given to them by their kids.

We are proud to introduce our very first student: Mrs. Krishna Lahiri. Her aim was to be able to use the phone and chat with her only son and granddaughter who live in the US, and who had given her an iPhone for this purpose.

We created the course, customised to her practical needs, and she has flourished. Mrs Lahiri has not only learnt typing, she can now create logos, write documents and send emails. She is an inspiration to the rest of her generation and others have now expressed interest in our Senior Citizen Computer literacy program.